Audible Voodoo and International Digital

Wow am I ever due for an update!

Emerging from the last stretch of editing the second Kincaid Strange book (I'm partial to Lipstick Voodoo for a title) - which brings me to my update. The awesome folks at Audible have picked up all three Kincaid Books for audio. SO, if you are in the US and want to read the Voodoo Killings along with everyone in Canada you can with the audio book. 

STAY TUNED US and International folks: there will be options for my US readers to read The Voodoo Killings- right now you can order the physical book from Chapters/Indigo (our version of Barnes and Noble. Trust me, not a bad idea with our bottomed out Canadian dollar!), and will soon be able to preorder the Audio from Audible, AND there will be an ebook option for you Kindle diehards...I should have more updates for you in the next few weeks.

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